How to Find Joy in Your Relationships

Relationships are beautiful. And they are difficult. Everything worthwhile in life comes with a price tag of concerted consistent effort. Relationships are no different. In this post, I am going to share with you some insight I gained recently, and how it has affected my perception of the value of teamwork in relationships. Every relationship needs a strong foundation to survive. Life is hard, and relationships require a lot of care to nurture. If the relationship doesn’t have a strong foundation, then it will be fairly difficult to navigate these trials successfully. The core fundamentals of that foundation are trust, communication, and sacrifice.

What better way to embrace these concepts than with teamwork? Specifically, working on a goal-oriented project together. Projects are an amazing, fun, and fulfilling way to strengthen your bond with your partner. Working towards a singular goal together allows you both to get to know each other in stress, in success, in failure, and in challenging situations. It is an excellent way to evaluate your compatibility as partners and for a long-lasting healthy connection together.

And that’s the thing, it’s all about connection. Connection is what we are here for, is it not? Make everybody’s life a little brighter every day? Imagine how it would feel to sit down with your significant other and watch their eyes light up as you talk about something that is exciting for the both of you. Imagine the joy in her smile as she realizes that you want to connect with her and that you are there for her. Imagine the sincerity in her laughter as you work towards this goal together.

You are practicing doing life with someone you love. You are forming a solid bond with an amazing human being. You are showing someone through your actions, not just your words, that you are there for them. That they can rely on you. If the feeling that you have earned someone’s trust, and subsequently their heart, isn’t the most beautiful feeling in the world, then I don’t know what is. All I will say is this, you haven’t truly lived until you’ve looked someone in the eyes every day and fell deeper in love with her every time. How do you get there? Trust. Communication. Sacrifice. The result? Something more beautiful than you could ever dream of.



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